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February 15, 2017 Taking Steps to Reach the Nones An article from the 2/15/17 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Over the past few weeks we’ve been examining the significant growth nationally in the number of people who identify themselves as “Nones” in surveys about religious affiliation. This response communicates 0
February 8, 2017 Reaching the Nones An article from the 2/8/17 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Last week we took a look at the “Nones.” They are the increasingly frequent individuals who identify as having no religious affiliation and who doubt the very existence of God. 0
February 1, 2017 Nones An article from the 2/1/17 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Nones. According to a recent study by Duke University, they are growing in numbers. They are self-identified as “Nones”, meaning that they are not affiliated with any religion. Some are 0
January 26, 2017 Fingerprints An article from the 1/25/17 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Some of the best crime dramas on television discover the truth by looking for fingerprints. They’re not always obvious and apparently you have to develop a trained eye to be 0
January 11, 2017 Linger at the Manger An article from the 1/11/17 Weekly Update by Tim Keller The tree has been taken down and dragged to the street to be picked up in the coming days. The decorations have been removed and only a few rapidly aging 0
January 4, 2017 CAC’s Super Bowl An article from the 1/4/17 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Each year football fans and non-football fans alike look forward to a single day when the best of the National Football League come together to play a game. In addition 0
December 21, 2016 Jesus Did You Know? article from the 12/21/16 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Jesus left heaven to come to earth to die for our sins. He did just that; and it was awesome, but it wasn’t easy. Being in human form was not an 0
December 14, 2016 Hey Joe, What Do You Know? An article from the 12/14/16 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Last week we recapped the story of Mary and her very real encounter with God at the time of the announcement of her pregnancy. The story was real, even raw. Joseph’s 0
December 7, 2016 Mary Did You Know? Article from the 12/7/16 Weekly Update by Tim Keller Have you ever had one of those days when an angel appeared to you, interrupted your life and sent it on a rollercoaster ride of emotion and struggle? No? Me either. 0
November 2, 2016 Big Bills From the 11/2/16 Weekly Update by Tim Keller The other day I was sitting at a large conference table in a room filled with pastors as the district superintendent shared a devotional from Colossians 1:17. The words of the Apostle 0