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Fasting and Prayer

by Tim Keller, Lead Pastor

One of the most frequently neglected means of glorifying God is the discipline of fasting. In the Bible a fast was a designated time for God’s people to step away from routine things like food in order to fully concentrate on God.

People would stop eating for a day, a week or even longer to open themselves up more to God and the work He wanted to do in them. At times fasts were individual events and at other times the entire community would declare a fast and come together for this season of seeking God with intentionality.

Jesus fasted for 40 days while alone in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. His focus was on knowing God’s will and plan for His life for the next few years as He ministered to others and prepared for His ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

This fall, the CAC family is being invited to enter into a time of fasting and prayer during the days of September 25-27. More details will be given as we move into the month of September, but I wanted to begin by simply stating that the purpose for this time is to draw our congregation together for a season of corporate, focused prayer and the seeking of God’s mind and heart for our church family.

Our church leaders have a very real sense that God is at work in our church and desire for Him to do more than what we could possibly ask or expect. This time of fasting and prayer is designed to increase the vibrancy of our hearts in response to God.

Will you begin now to prepare your own heart for this time? Will you seek God in an intentional way during those days? Will you be an agent of God’s power in your life, family and church community?

I believe that God is ready, willing and able to pour out blessing on His people at CAC. If the soil of our hearts is prepared we can experience God’s presence in fresh and exciting ways.

Lives are hanging in the balance and the needs all around us are profound. As Holy Spirit empowers us we can be His instruments to impact lives for all eternity. It must begin with our own hearts being sensitive to His hand and prepared to be blessed.