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Sitting Back in the Harness

An article from the 3/1/17 Weekly Update by Bev Bussom

Recently I have really enjoyed reading a series of fiction novels by a specific author. In the current book, the main character felt quite nervous about his transportation plan! He was going to paraglide in tandem, the expert strapped to his back and fly for about 15 minutes before landing in a quiet landing zone. He would not be able to reach his destination alone. Gliding in tandem was the only option to ensure his final goal.

He listened carefully to the instructions from the expert, but then he just had to trust what he’d learned and take off! As they began to take off, the instructor quietly said “you can sit back into the harness, I’ve got you.”

We all face scary things in life; starting a new job, fear of losing a current job, medical bills, lost wages, unexpected relocation and terminal illness. The list could go on. The question remains, “when I face those scary things, am I sitting back in the harness of the Expert?”

I’ll be very honest; it would seem that the more challenges that come my way, the more I try to lock in my own grip of control. I can surrender one or two things to my Savior, but if the list of anxieties begins to grow, that’s when I start to dig in my heels and latch on to my own strength. I wrongfully think that I can handle it alone, that God doesn’t need to be brought into the “small” stuff, I’m too proud to admit I’m falling apart on my own, or the drastic falsehood, “He doesn’t care about why I’m hurting”.

Psalm 91: 1 says “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the Shadow of the Almighty.” I have come back to this verse many times over the past few weeks and months as I’ve faced some scary places. “What does it mean to take shelter in the Most High?” “How can I rest in the Shadow of the Almighty?” “What if I speak Truth and the relationship ends?” “What if I ask that person to supper and she says no?” “What if I say the wrong thing or put my foot in my mouth?” “How can we possibly pay one more tuition bill?” God, I need a miracle!

Dear friends, it is those moments of anxiety, fear, overwhelming lack of peace, uncertainty and deep questions that Jesus is telling us to sit back in the harness, He’s got us! We don’t need to live in any kind of fear because we have the Expert strapped to our back and He’s given us flawless instruction. We can’t go through the journey on our own. We must have Jesus with us to ensure the arrival of our final destination.

Go ahead, sit down. He will carry you, hold onto you, guide you through the storm, pour out unrelenting peace, sustain your energy for the journey and walk by your side; you only need to call out to Him! Won’t you sit back in the harness today and rest in the shadow?